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Published Articles

Unintended Consequences of "An Act to Reform and Improve Alimony," in Massachusetts:
Avoiding the Pitfalls on the Road to Reform,

Copyright © MillerWiseman, Kangas, Goldstein, Chen

Talking With Your Children About Divorce: An Umbrella of Protection
(Click here to read "Talking")

Preserving the Nest, 2011, Lexington Minuteman, The Arlington Advocate
(Click here to read pdf | here for web article)

Pausing at the Divorce Door, 2003, MCFM Family Mediation Quarterly, Vol. 2, No. 2,
  (Click here to read "Pausing")

Mediation: Transformative and Interactive Values, Beliefs and Strategies, March 16, 2001, Number 2, Volume 111, SPIDR (Society for Professionals in Dispute Resolution) Update

Family Law: Mediation Therapy Helps Couples, Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, March 9,   Article

A Lawyer-Therapist Team as Mediator in Marital Crisis, with John S. Fiske, 1998 Social Work, vol. 25, no 6, Article.


Published Books

Author of Upcoming Book: "7 Visual Steps to Highly Effective Negotiation"

Presentation: October 3-5: Academy of Professional Family Mediation

"Our Collaborative Mediation Practice℠ Uses:
7 Visual Steps to Highly Visual Negotiation"

"Mediation Therapy: Short-Term Decision Making for Relationships in Conflict"

"Mediation Therapy: Short Term Decision Making for Couples and Families in Crisis"
( available at



A highly enlightening and engaging two hour PowerPoint presentation
"The 7 Visual Steps to Highly Effective Negotiation"
is available for your business or organization.

This presentation may be embedded in an all-day course, a three day course or a
semester course on mediation and negotiation.
Call 781-861-9847.


And Articles and Media References to Janet's Mediation Practice

Christian Science Monitor

At first, Janet Miller Wiseman wasn't sure exactly what was happening. A licensed clinical social worker, who has worked with families and couples, Ms. Wiseman found her phone began ringing off the hook in mid-August. The callers were couples who were urgently asking for immediate appointments, without saying why. She soon discovered the cause: the highly public playing out of the Clintons' marital distress, beginning with the president's steely acknowledgment on Aug. 17, had triggered emotional responses in couples who wanted help dealing with the impact of affairs on their marriages.... read more

"Clinton Affair Resonates With Married Couples"
By Sara Terry, Special to The Christian Science Monitor / September 23, 1998

Mediation Therapy



~This Approach Helps
Partners Reach the Important
Decisions in Their Lives~



A Therapeutic Approach Combined with Conflict Resolution Theory

Blending a therapeutic approach with skills drawn from mediation, conflict resolution and decision making theory, this practical sourcebook shows mental health professionals how to help couples and their families reach a decision about their future through a sensitive, structured intervention. Mediation Therapy details proven techniques and strategies to help clients understand their own needs and to increase their ability to see the other's points of view. Miller Wiseman's approach is uniquely designed to facilitate the process through which couples and families can come to a conclusion-- one that is fully explored, completely understood, and responsibly made.

This thoughtfully written, accessible guide:

• Provides questions for therapists to reflect upon, to help them discover their own
   values and how those values may affect their therapeutic work

• Describes the latest research on the effects of separation and divorce on children
   and adolescents and how to use this information in the decision making process.

• Details 20 "rational" questions and many intuitive and sensory questions to help
   individuals "discover" a decision, not obsessively "figure out what to do".

• Includes accessible charts that delineate how relationships develop and outlines
   patterns of family conflict

For more information, or to order your personal copy of Mediation
Therapy, send an email to or visit

Janet Miller Wiseman provides Mediation and Counseling Services in the Boston area. She is an accomplished Divorce, Family and Business Mediator, and Individual/Couples/Family Psychotherapist. She has over 40 years of experience as an individual/couple/family psychotherapist and over well over 30 years of experience as a divorce mediator. Her office is located in Lexington, MA. and while she serves clients from all over Massachusetts, many of her clients are from Acton, Arlington, Burlington, Bedford, Concord, Gloucester, Framingham, Lincoln, Malden, Newton, Watertown, Wellesley, Winchester, Waltham, Woburn, Reading and Salem. Janet is also willing to travel to your location for training, presentations and workshops.

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