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Mediation Training, Workshops and Presentations

Mediation Workshops, Training for Mental Health Professionals, Skills and Theory of Negotiation, Decision Making for Couples in Conflict

Ms Miller Wiseman, who has been teaching mediation and negotiation in universities, and organizations, both in the U.S. and abroad, for over 22 years, offers training, workshops and presentations to clinical groups, organizations, universities and schools, corporations, international groups, employee assistance organizations etc. Training is frequently custom designed or may be chosen from:

• Becoming a Mediator
• Breaking the Impasse in Difficult Conflict Situations
• Theories and Practices of Mediation and Negotiation: Six Models
• Basic Mediation and Negotiation Skills
• Short-Term Decision Making for Relationships in Conflict: Mediation Therapy
• Underneath Each Party’s “Interests” in Negotiation: Basic Human Needs
• Mediation for the Mental Health Professional

Training in Negotiation, such as a recent one at a Nanny Association, may be as short as 45 minutes, (with a specially written case example for learning), or as long as 20 to 40 hours.

In-house team building and mediation, mentioned above, helps team members address specific on-going and acute conflicts and helps teams learn to negotiate, communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Training or presentations may take place in our offices or at your organization in the U.S. or in your own country. Fees are set between trainer and the organization.

Seminars and Workshops

"Including Negotiation and Mediation in Your Business or Organization"
A highly enlightening and engaging two hour power point presentation.

"Including Negotiation and Mediation Skills for Your Divorcing Group or Population"

"Including Negotiation and Mediation Skills for Your Family, Temple or Church Groups"

"Negotiation and Mediation Skills for Your Decision Making Population"

(Seminars and workshops can also be customized for your specific needs)

Testimonials from Participants

"What I learned from Ms. Miller Wiseman's mediation and negotiation course will be immensely beneficial to my career as a manager." - J.S.

"Ms. Wiseman did an amazing job keeping participants involved with the use of interactive learning. She encouraged active role-play and participation from all of us." N.K.


For more training references, please email:

Janet Miller Wiseman provides Mediation and Counseling Services in the Boston area. She is an accomplished Divorce, Family and Business Mediator, and Individual/Couples/Family Psychotherapist. She has over 40 years of experience as an individual/couple/family psychotherapist and over well over 30 years of experience as a divorce mediator. Her office is located in Lexington, MA. and while she serves clients from all over Massachusetts, many of her clients are from Acton, Arlington, Burlington, Bedford, Concord, Gloucester, Framingham, Lincoln, Malden, Newton, Watertown, Wellesley, Winchester, Waltham, Woburn, Reading and Salem. Janet is also willing to travel to your location for training, presentations and workshops.